L’EPAMSA is challenging creative developers!

EPAMSA is looking for ‘creative developers’ to design an original and unique project on a macro-lot of around 40,000 sq.m, next to the A13 motorway, as a sign of this area’s ambition.

Mantes Innovaparc is a 58 hectares business district, located on the Paris-Normandy route at Buchelay (78), along the A13, near the SNCF train station (Le Havre-Paris-Lyon-Marseille) and a future RER Eole Paris commuter train (in 2024).

In this light, EPAMSA is launching the The Mantes Innovaparc Call for Ideas, on Wednesday, March 14th, at 12:00 PM, in the presence of Pierre Bedier, President of the Yvelines Departmental Council and President of EPAMSA, Philippe Tautou, President of the Grand Paris Seine & Oise Urban Community and Xavier Hemeury, Director General of EPAMSA.


For additionnal information about this event, please contact Ms. Amandine Martin:

a.martin@epamsa.fr  / +33 6 76 97 48 98