Les Ardoines at Vitry-sur-Seine

3 km from Paris, a metropolitan neighbourhood around the future multimodal hub at Les Ardoines

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EPA Orly Rungis-Seine Amont

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Located 10 minutes from Paris, the site of Les Ardoines will be home to a productive, mixed city project, developed across 2 ZAC development zones. ZAC Gare Ardoines ZAC (49 hectares) is a major district developed around a metropolitan transport hub comprising RER C commuter train, line 15, T Zen 5 and buses.

A ‘garden bridge’, crossing over ferry lines, work for which started in 2017, will offer quick and pleasant access to the multimodal hub and to the Seine. In the heart of the development zone, Linkcity will build a commercial and service hub and a metropolitan example of digital innovation, as part of the Inventing Greater Paris Metropolis call for projects. Sogaris will develop a 40,000 sq m logistics hub that will house, from 2020-21, around twenty businesses dedicated to logistics activity, local artisans and services.

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