Mobility: better, closer, faster !

The Paris Region has launched Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, the Grand Paris Express, which constitutes an exceptional opportunity for economic development. In parallel, the ‘transport revolution’ is accelerating and will guarantee optimal transport for all. This is a real asset for the Paris region and a boost for France, giving it the means to achieve its ambitions.

With the creation of 68 interconnected stations and 200 km of automatic metro lines, Grand Paris Express is a monumental urban project in Europe. The fully automated circular bypass metro will link major existing and future economic hubs. It represents an extraordinary growth accelerator on a national scale with 100 billion euros of extra GDP forecasted by 2030 and the creation of 15,000 jobs a year during the works. With the creation of 4 new lines, this significant improvement in services meets both the economic needs and demographic challenges of the area.

Alongside this extraordinary on-going construction project, the Paris Region is investing 25 billion euros in the ‘transport revolution’ with the aim of modernizing and strengthening the existing network.

The modernization plan is a significant investment that includes the production and renovation of more than 700 trains by 2021, the creation of 29 km of extra tracks and the improvement of 250 bus services. This unprecedented advance in public transport will guarantee users increased comfort, quicker journeys, increased security and a reduced environmental footprint.

The optimization of logistics transport also represents a priority for the Paris Region, which is investing massively in the improvement of the road network. The Paris Region has distinguished itself once again with its capacity to meet the crucial challenges of a global 21st century city.

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